DufaFeed Piglet early nutrition products

Grant your piglets the best possible start for optimal performance and results!

An investment in early nutrition will pay off in the end because the period before weaning determines the success after weaning. For this reason DufaFeed is focusing on feed solutions for these very important first weeks of the pig’s life.

Nowadays, litters are bigger. Bigger litters will result in smaller piglets and less available milk per piglet. For this reason it’s important to supply additional milk and start with feeding a high quality piglet feed soon after birth. The DufaFeed Piglet product range consists of four premium quality feeds that can be used during the piglet period, each product with it’s own special characteristics:

  • DufaFeed Piglet Milk-Rep

A high quality milk replacer, developed to supply additional milk and nutrients to the piglets. Start providing as soon as colostrum feeding has ended to avoid nutrient shortages for survival and optimal growth. More uniform litter sizes can be achieved, as well as a higher weaning weight.

  • DufaFeed Piglet Powerstart 1

A unique milk-feed combination as it can be given as dry feed and liquid feed, by mixing it with water. It will learn piglets to eat and stimulate feed intake, and contains all essential nutrients and ingredients that a piglet requires to give them the best possible start. It’s very tasteful and easy to use. Start from day 2 after birth, and even motherless rearing is possible with this high quality feed.

  • DufaFeed Piglet Powerstart 2

A tasteful crumble that has been developed to give a smooth transition from milk to feed. This balanced piglet feed will learn piglets to eat and drink, and contributes to healthier piglets and an increased growth. Start from day 7, based on feeding strategy and feed intake, till weaning or in combination with Powerstart 3.

  • DufaFeed Piglet Powerstart 3

A small 2mm pellet with the right hardness for easy intake and digestion. Based on feeding strategy and feed intake, the Powerstart 3 can be fed from day 7 till after weaning. It’s also a first weaning feed for 2-3 days. Using a high quality feed in this critical weaning period is necessary to promote intestinal health, improve digestion and to avoid diarrhoea problems. All to ensure a minimal weaning dip.

Let the piglets try the DufaFeed products; they will tell you how good it is!

More information? Ask: sales@dutchfarmint.com and we can advise which products would be most suitable for your operation and create a feeding schedule, so you can use the right DufaFeed Piglet product at the right time!

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