A unique enzyme combination for optimal digestion!

Enzymes with a unique mode of action; Dufa-MultiZyme. Dufa-MultiZyme helps broilers to get more benefits from their feed. An optimal digestion is necessary for good results and must be one of the points of attention on a broiler farm.

Dufa-MultiZyme is a combination of a wide range of Non-Starch Polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes with a newly developed enzyme named Muramidase. NSP enzymes will break down the cell walls to access and utilize starch in cereals. Muramidase takes care of breaking off peptidoglycans from bacterial cell debris in the intestinal tract.

Dufa-MultiZyme will help optimize nutritional absorption, digestibility, gastrointestinal functionality and improve animal performance. The use of this enzyme combination with synergetic effect will result in a better feed conversion and will increase growth of the broilers.

As broilers will digest their feeds more efficiently, less feed will be needed to grow the same quantity of meat: a significant feed cost saving. Support sustainable poultry production: use Dufa-MultiZyme!

For more technical information including trial results to show this synergetic combination: download our productflyer or productsheet.

Questions? Please contact our sales managers (sales@dutchfarmint.com) or nutrition team (nutrition@dutchfarmint.com).

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